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Muta stagna Mares by Mobby's Ice Fit
scontoSpecial Price!
Muta stagna Mares by Mobby's Ice Fit
Regular price:Euro 990(US$ 1,366.20)
Scubamarket Price:Euro 842(US$ 1,161.96)


Functionality, Technology, and Durability

Produced in Dyna Wave 4mm, an exclusively, patented neoprene called High-Density. The outside is covered in Lycra, that provides increased softness and elasticity. The inside is lined with the soft Findex™ fabric

Anatomical cut for female figures, eliminating the discomforts caused by unisex suits.

Technical details
• Vulcanized boots
• Adjustable suspenders
• Adjustable shoulder valve
• 360° Swiveling inflator valve
• Web Tex
• Knee and shin guard
• Zipper guard
• Butterfly QD

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